RIP Randall WFI in the OC. by Matt in Vancouver

Todays Jim Rome show was the first time in a decade and a half I have seen the jungle so emotionally united. Unfortunately that unity was brought on by the greatest loss the jungle has faced in a long time if not ever.

I never had the pleasure of meeting him, but Randall was a “glue guy” – he was the guy in the Jungle locker room who could smooth over a beef between  guys (and gals) with humour and positivity.

When I first became an emailer in the jungle (whatever that means) and Rome would read an email, I would often get a tweet or DM from Randall. always positive, always encouraging.

Randall and Anton brought me into the famed group chat “Team Bake” with Marty in NorCal, GBW, JC in Calgary, Randall, my guy Scotty and eventually Nooch, Luke in Fort Collins and Orion.

the group chat has faded as they usually do but id give every one of those guys the shirt off my back. they were a major reason I decided to take a crack at getting into a smack off. Randall was the heart of that group.

When I was in Vegas years ago (the famous Cal in Vegas ‘scope) and a then- little known clone by the name of Nooch was going to be passing through, Nooch was given a bag of weed in the OC after meeting Randall, to deliver to me in Vegas- for Nooch and myself to blaze up. Thats who Randall was. its was easily $40-$50 worth of top end chronic and he absolutely would not let me send him any money. Thats who Randall was.

its unfortunate in life that it sometimes takes a tragic loss for those of us still here, to re-evaluate what we prioritize, and what we feel and say and do to those around us. I know personally I am going to try to emulate Randall in many walks of life and I believe I’ll be a better man for it. We should all strive to be more like Randall.

I can’t imagine the immense loss and sadness being felt by Randalls family- and encourage the jungle to be on stand-by for when our opportunity arises to do for Randall what he would have done for so, so many of us.

Rest easy, Randall. you will not be forgotten and you will be greatly missed.


July 24th 2019